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Resilient Stories with Nicole Jordan-Reed

Chef Nicole Jordan-ReedTransitioning through multiple challenges that come along with operating a food business during the pandemic, Chef Nicole Jordan demonstrates dedication and determination, as she continues to provide optimal customer service, regardless to the possibility of losing her business. 

Resilient Stories with Mike Max

Mike Max, top radio personality and news anchor, gives valuable strategies to cope with and maneuver, through self-doubt that kills many careers!

Resilient Stories with Libra Hicks

Libra Hicks, advocate, courageously re-invented herself and her story offers inspiration to others, who may have to do the same, even if it means treading into uncomfortable and unfamiliar territories!

Resilient Stories with Carla Carlisle

Carla Carlisle When circumstances became almost unbearable, Carla Carlisle pressed in deeper and didn’t allow obstacles, resistance or rejection to deter her path nor make her deviate, from expressing and experiencing unconditional love. Discover how the powerful connection of motherhood …

Resilient Stories with DC Cecil Glenn

DC Cecil GlennExplore the intense desires of a brilliant, ambitious, well-rounded businessman, who co-wrote and co-produced the once multi-platinum hit song that we all loved and still enjoy, “Whoomp (There It Is)”.  DC Glenn (DC The Brain Supreme of Tag …

Resilient Stories with Andre Williams

Andre WilliamsIn his young adult years, Coach Andre Williams overcame life-threatening conditions and physical disabilities. In doing so, he found his purpose and is now helping others move beyond their mental and physical limitations, to accomplish their goals and thrive.

Resilient Stories with Diana Patterson

Diana PattersonWhen they say, “You were given this life, because you were strong enough to live it”, they were speaking of Diana Patterson! Surviving with 32 cents in her pocket and 2 children to clothe and feed, she has allowed …

Resilient Stories with Evangelist Beverly Broadus Green

Evangelist Beverly Broadus GreenListen, to how the powerful prayers of a virtuous woman are helping to revitalize the lives of others and inspiring them to fulfill their callings! Facing the challenges of everyday life with faith and fierceness, Evangelist Beverly …

Resilient Stories with Dan Miller

Dan Miller Once $430,000 in debt, Dan Miller, a man of great character has always exemplified courage and confidence, when it comes to establishing and maintaining business relationships. His strong intellect has helped him prevail and take advantage of many …

Resilient Stories with Elizabeth Corshu

Elizabeth CorshuAfter making it through a deep depression, from the loss of her mother, Elizabeth Corshu is helping others to manage their grief and to fulfill their life purpose and goals.