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Resilient Stories!

Everyone loves hearing stories of people who have beat the odds and overcome obstacles! Join Dr. Tommy Watson (aka Dr. Inspiration), who grew up with parents that were arrested 121 times, each week as he interviews amazing guest, who have …

Dr. Watson Interview for Resilient Stories

Dr. Tommy Watson expressed an insurmountable courage in his quest to overcome issues of abandonment, homelessness, being shifted from home to home and drug-addictive parents who were arrested 121 times.

Resilient Stories with Jerry Brook

Jerry BrookJerry Brook recognizes that mis-information, lack of knowledge, intense emotions and the way that the human mind perceives things can make it challenging, to have harmonious relationships. You will be enlightened, by his observations and eager to incorporate his …

Resilient Stories with Thola Bennie

Thola BennieDuring a very unstable time, of dealing with one crisis after another, Thola Bennie felt a whirlwind of emotions and didn’t know exactly how she’d survive. Listen, to how unconditional love helped to keep her strong, create balance in …

Resilient Stories with Naz Meknat

Nez MeknatMarried to an abusive husband in a country, where women didn’t have the same rights as men, Naz Meknat felt alone and afraid. After fleeing her homeland and joining the rest of her family in the United States, she …

Resilient Stories with Julie Logan

Julie LoganCoping with a life-threatening disease, Julie Logan’s story of survival will inspire you to push beyond your limitations, appreciate life and live each day to the fullest.

Resilient Stories with Dr. Felicia Clark

Dr. Felicia ClarkAs a child, Dr. Felicia Clark had undiagnosed physical disabilities, that were misunderstood for lack of effort. Now, she is recovering from the lasting effects of childhood trauma. Hear how she’s courageously persevered and learned to use holistic …

Resilient Stories with Emile Matthee

Emile MattheeBelieving in yourself can be one of life’s most difficult challenges, but Emile Matthee is ready to help people overcome self-doubt and low self-esteem. Surpassing his own struggles with being accepted by others both personally and professionally, he’s using …

Resilient Stories with Sara Schley

Sara SchleyDiscussing the varying degrees of mental illness, Sara Schley gives first-hand information, on living with Bipolar disease. Her intriguing revelations, along with her transparency about the remarkable journey, will leave you in awe.