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As a kid, I spent my childhood growing up with parents who were drug addicts and spent most of their time in prison. In fact, my mother was arrested 11 times during the first year of my life. By the time I was a senior in high school, I was homeless and had lived in nearly 30 different locations.

Despite the challenges, with the help of educators and coaches, I beat the odds. I would later go on to obtain 4 college degrees (including a Doctor of Education in Leadership) and had great success as a school principal.

All around our nation today students (elementary school to college) are becoming more and more disengaged and dropping out. At the same time, educators are experiencing high burnout and leaving the profession.

These concerns create additional challenges to school districts and universities in the form of layoffs, loss of funding, and struggles to maintain quality talent. We have tried zero tolerance policies and kicking students out of school. We have tried No Child Left Behind and penalizing educators.

Neither one has been successful in better motivating students and/or educators.

Secrets to Motivating Students (SMS) is an online training designed to provide educators (everyone working in the school) with practical tools to strategically motivate students while keeping themselves motivated as well.

What makes the SMS approach different is not only that it comes from years of research on systematic motivation but also it focuses on ensuring that each educator working with students is motivated to be peak performers FIRST.

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